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Last updated: 29 Nov 2021

static: Slimmer Templates

gem_layout (default)

This template uses the public layout component from the GOV.UK Publishing Components gem. It supplies the header and footer only - this includes the cookie banner, skip to content link, header bar, emergency banner, survey banner, global bar, feedback, and footer. The content is constrained and centred.


This is the same as the gem_layout template, except that this layout doesn't constrain and centre the content to the same width as the GOV.UK header.

Use this layout if you want to have full width content - such as the blue welcome bar on the GOV.UK homepage.


This is intended as a skeleton wrapper for account pages. It is intended to be used when we need a page rendered by another frontend app to look like a page from govuk-account-manager-prototype.

This layout omits the default feedback component for GOVUK as the account pages use a different one from the rest of GOV.UK. Instead it introduces an account-specific phase banner, and an account nav component. It also purposefully omits the global bar and user satisfaction survey bar.


Same as the gem_layout_account_manager, but displays without the account nav component.


Same as the gem_layout_account_manager, but displays "Manage your account" as active in the account navigation element.