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Last updated: 23 May 2023

travel-advice-publisher: # Further technical information

Further technical information


The list of countries is defined in lib/data/countries.yml.

Published travel advice is exposed through the content-store and presented in frontend and government-frontend.


Each country can have one or more editions. At any one time, there can be a single edition in draft, a single published edition and any number of archived editions. When an edition is published, the existing published edition will be archived.

When published, unless the 'minor update' checkbox is checked, a change description must be provided. This is exposed in the API response and the frontend.

Adding or renaming a country

To add or rename a country, update the lib/data/countries.yml file. You will then need to:

  • Publish the content item for the country to Publishing API
  • Publish the email signup content item for the country to Publishing API

See lib/tasks/publishing_api.rake for details of how to do this.

To maintain the history of a country when renaming you will need to perform a migration on TravelAdviceEdition.

Removing a country

If a country's foreign travel advice is being subsumed into another country's page:

  1. Run the publishing_api:unpublish_published_edition_and_email_signup_content_item['country_slug', 'new_country_slug'] rake task, providing the slug of the country being removed, and the slug of the country that it should be redirected to.
  2. Remove the country from the lib/data/countries.yml file.

Publishing API

Travel advice content reaches the content-store via the publishing-api, editorial work is batch-enqueued with Sidekiq for processing out of request. Processing of travel-advice publishing-api jobs is made visible via the sidekiq-monitoring application.

Email Alert API

Changes to Travel Advice content will send an email alert to subscribers via the Email Alert API unless marked as a minor change. Subscription is handled via the Email Alert Frontend application.

The link-checker-api has been integrated on the edit page for TravelAdviceEditions. It extracts all links from within any Govspeak fields and sends them to the /batch endpoint of the API. In this request it also sends across a webhook_callback which then populates any information about broken/warning links. More reading about the endpoints can be found here.

Search indexing

Changes to Travel Advice content will update our search index via Rummager.