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Last updated: 18 Mar 2021

content-data-api: Set up Google Analytics credentials in development

To be able to import data from Google Analytics, a few environment variables need to be set.

  1. Create files config/local_env.yml

N.B. This file has been added to .gitignore, so you don't need to worry about accidentally checking it in.

local_env.yml is used to

  • Create the environment variables required to connect to and query the Google API for Google Analytics
  • Store your Google API credentials. They can either be downloaded from the google developers console or from another team member.
  1. Add an entry to config/local_env.yml for each of the following:



This will make "1234567" available as ENV["GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_GOVUK_VIEW_ID"]

GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_GOVUK_VIEW_ID is the view id on Google Analytics for

See "Option Three" in Rails Environment Variables for more information

Update facts table with GA metrics

To populate GA metrics for a given day, open a Rails console and run:

> GA.process( 

It is recommended you disable logging to speed up the process:

Google::Apis.logger.level = Logger::ERROR
ActiveRecord::Base.logger = nil