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Last updated: 10 Jan 2024

whitehall: Access controls for editions

Publishers can limit access for a document on current editions edit page. This is used to keep sensitive data private prior to the publication of documents.

When access is limited, only users that belong one of the lead or supporting organisations assigned to the document will be able to access it.

On 2ndline, we often get requests involving documents which have limited access. These tend to fall into 2 categories:

  • A Publisher has limited the access to the document but limited it to the wrong organisation
  • There is an issue/bug with a document that has limited access

Previously we have dealt with these requests by investigating the issues via console.

GDS Admins can now update access control for these documents by searching for the document on the document search page and clicking the "Edit access" link.

This page allows you to update the editions associated organisations and/or remove limited access completely. If you make changes on this page you will be required to provide an editorial remark that will be used to audit the change.

If you need to investigate an issue with the document you can add temporarily gain access to the document by adding GDS as a supporting organisation, then removing it once you've completed your investigation.