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Last updated: 16 Jun 2020

whitehall: Timestamps


  • point in time the edition became visible to the public on the website. Updated for major changes
  • used to sort documents in the atom feed
  • for building change_history on a document
  • used when comparing edition published dates in scopes on Edition (e.g. published_before(date))
  • set to first_public_at or major_change_published_at on every save


  • signifies when the document was 'first published', which may be before the public timestamp. E.g. transitioned content, etc.
  • Either user supplied on the form, or set during publishing to the major_change_published_at timestamp


  • first_published_at on Edition
  • opening_at on Consultation


  • date of the last major change. Major changes require change notes. This is decided by the user.