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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 27 Jul 2023

Deploy a banner to certain pages

This documentation should be used when we receive a request to publish a banner to a single, or group of pages. If you want to publish a sitewide banner then reference deploy emergency banner or deploy non-emergency banner.

We can publish a few different banner types, depending on the ask. For example, we’ve previously published a notice banner for a mini-reshuffle and an intervention banner for a research panel.

The component guide has a list of GOV.UK components which includes banners like notice and intervention and their variants, e.g notice with markup in title.


  • banner text

  • banner location on page/s


  1. Find the rendering app of the chosen pages (visit<base-path> and look for rendering_app)
  2. Create a branch introducing the component in the relevant view and with a helper method that only displays the banner for certain base_paths (e.g org pages in Collections).
  3. Preview the banner locally (e.g using docker collections-app-live, or deploy a branch to integration)
  4. Check the positioning of the banner and adjust accordingly. See an example of adjusting the margin of the notice banner.

Once your changes are merged, you should also write a technical debt card for the banner you’ve added, as this is a non-standard piece of technical work that has been essentially ‘hacked in’ due to limitations in our current platform.