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Last updated: 19 Apr 2024

GA4 Implementation Record

The GOV.UK GA4 implementation record holds information about our Google Analytics 4 data schemas, as well as other related information about our GA4 implementation.

Updating the record

The implementation record should be kept up to date with any changes made to the GA4 implementation. For changes to existing content this will be possible if:

  • you have a locally running version of this site
  • you understand how to edit YML files
  • you have access to the git repository for this site and can push changes

For more complex changes such as adding a new page or changing how existing data is displayed, a developer may be required.

How to make changes

Static page templates are stored in /source/analytics. They include pages like the Documentation pages and are written using standard HTML/CSS using styles from the Design System.

Dynamic pages such as the events, attributes and trackers pages are generated automatically from the YAML files stored in /data/analytics/.

When editing events and attributes please note the following.

  • YML files rely on specific indenting, if the page breaks during editing check that you have indented the YML correctly
  • new events require a data section, including the minimum attributes: event and event_data. event_data must contain event_name. See existing events for examples
  • attributes added to events in events.yml will only appear if a corresponding entry for the attribute is added to attributes.yml
  • new attributes should have the same detail provided as existing attributes, although the minimum requirement is a name and a type
  • if no value is provided in events.yml for an attribute, the type of the attribute will be shown
  • the values of implemented for events are used to calculate the details on the implementation progress page