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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 15 Nov 2017

feedback: Assisted Digital Feedback

Assisted Digital feedback is stored twice. The standard service feedback component is sent to support-api like other tickets, but the rest of the feedback specifically about assisted digital support is stored in a google spreadsheet. The ID of the spreadsheet to store the data in is set via the following environment variable:


To find the ID of a spreadsheet you wish to use, the following documentation from google is useful.

Authorisation for writing to the spreadsheet must be granted to the app.

  1. Generate a service account (see Google's documentation) and store the JSON key somewhere safe.
  2. Extract the client_email value from the JSON key and make it available to the app in the GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL environment variable.
  3. Extract the private_key value from the JSON key and make it avaiable to the app via the GOOGLE_PRIVATE_KEY environment variable.
  4. Share the spreadsheet that you want to write data to with the email address stored in the GOOGLE_CLIENT_EMAIL. It should have at least "can edit" permissions so the application can write data to the sheet.