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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 15 Nov 2017

feedback: Notify template parameters

Notify templates can be parameterised, and when we talk to the notify API we send a personalisation key that contains values for all the parameters in the template. Notify will error if there are missing keys, but it will also error if there are extra keys. This means we have to take care when editing the template in the Notify UI and take care not to introduce, nor remove parameters without updating the code.

Currently the template takes a single parameter:

  • survey_url - the url that the survey lives at and will be sent in the email to invite the user to take part in that survey - this is constructed by taking the url of the EmailSurvey instance and adding the survey_source as a c param to the query string. At the end of the url we will also add the ga_client_id (e.g. if we have ga_client_id = '12345.67899' then the resulting survey_url will be appended with &gcl=12345.67890)

Adding new parameters will require a deploy, so it might be best to add a new template with new parameters and have the deploy change the template id and the parameters.