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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 1 Jul 2020

local-links-manager: Exporting Local Authority links to services

Exports are run daily and produce a links_to_services_provided_by_local_authorities.csv file in the public/data directory. This is publicly available at which redirects to the static file at /data/links_to_services_provided_by_local_authorities.csv at present.

A link to this file is published at They also host a cached, zipped version which is updated daily.

The file contains the following headers (we tried to keep these as similar to the file as possible) :

Header Description
Authority Name The name of the local authority
SNAC The SNAC of the local authority
GSS The GSS code of the local authority
Description The name of the service defined by the combination of LGSL and LGIL codes
LGSL The Local Government Service List code for the service
LGIL The Local Government Interaction List code for the service
URL The URL corresponding to the local authority's provision of the service
Supported by GOV.UK Whether the GOV.UK website uses this link

The file is generated by running the rake task:

bundle exec rake export:links:all