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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 8 Oct 2021

local-links-manager: Importing Service Links from a CSV

bundle exec rake import:service_links[lgsl_code lgil_code filename] provides the ability to mass import local authority service links.


This is useful in a situation where a new service is added nationally. Every local authority running the new service will have a page on their website to provide information about the service. Usually the url would be added for a service through the user interface.

Data format

A CSV with the headings slug and url needs to be placed somewhere it can be read in by the script (accessed by the filename argument).




Running the script

govuk-docker-run bundle exec rake import:service_links[123,8,test-data.csv]

To run on anything other than a local environment, the CSV needs to be added manually to the /tmp directory using scp-push. If there are multiple machine classes, the CSV will need to be added to the /tmp directory for each of them.

$ gds govuk connect scp-push --environment [integration|staging|integration] name-of-machine[:1|:2|:3] path/to/file.ext /tmp/