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Application: local-links-manager

Manages local links from local authorities on GOV.UK


Admin interface for managing Local Authorities’ links including all their services and interactions.

For example, this service uses Local Links Manager to determine the URL of the garden waste disposal page on the Local Authority website which corresponds to the postcode a user has entered.

Note that Local Links Manager does not determine a user’s Local Authority based on their postcode.

This app maps RESTful URLs onto a persistence layer. It doesn’t face public users.


  • SNAC - Standard Names And Code - The old identifier code for locations. This is being phased out in favour of GSS codes.
  • GSS - Government Statistical Service - The new identifier code for locations.
  • LGSL - Local Government Services List
  • LGIL - Local Government Interactions List

Both LGSL and LGIL codes are used for the lookups for each Local Authority and its service interactions.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails app, and should follow our Rails app conventions.

You can use the GOV.UK Docker environment to run the application and its tests with all the necessary dependencies. Follow the usage instructions to get started.

Running the bare application without any test data isn’t very useful, you can replicate the app’s Postgres database using GOV.UK Docker.

Use GOV.UK Docker to run any commands that follow.

Running the test suite

$ bundle exec rake

Further documentation


MIT License