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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 5 Jul 2023

siteimprove_api_client: SiteimproveAPIClient::ContentCheckReadability


Name Type Description Notes
account_readability_type String The type of metric that has been configured for the account (in the platform). This value can be used to lookup the corresponding object with values. [default to 'all']
automated_readability AutomatedReadability [optional]
coleman_liau ColemanLiau [optional]
flesch_kincaid_grade_level FleschKincaidGradeLevel [optional]
flesch_kincaid_reading_ease FleschKincaidReadingEase [optional]
gunning_fog GunningFog [optional]
lix Lix [optional]
score Float The readability score for the account configured metric [optional]
smog Smog [optional]
_links Links1 [optional]


require 'siteimprove_api_client'

instance =
  account_readability_type: null,
  automated_readability: null,
  coleman_liau: null,
  flesch_kincaid_grade_level: null,
  flesch_kincaid_reading_ease: null,
  gunning_fog: null,
  lix: null,
  score: null,
  smog: null,
  _links: null