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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 5 Jul 2023

siteimprove_api_client: SiteimproveAPIClient::FeedbackPage


Name Type Description Notes
id Integer Id of the feedback.
title String Title of the page [optional]
url String URL for the live version of the page. [optional]
browser_name String Name of the browser used for submitting the feedback. [optional]
browser_version String Version of the browser used for submitting the feedback. [optional]
comment String Comment included in the feedback. [optional]
device_type String Type of device used for submitting the feedback. [optional]
handled_by String Name of the person who marked the feedback as handled. [optional]
handled_date Time When the feedback was marked as handled. Timestamp represented using ISO-8601. [optional]
ignored_by String Who ignored the feedback. [optional]
ignored_date Time When the feedback was ignored. [optional]
is_spam Boolean True if the feedback has been flagged as spam, false if not.
note FeedbackNote [optional]
page_id Integer Id of the page the feedback was submitted for.
received_date Time When the feedback was received. Timestamp represented using ISO-8601.
satisfaction Float Satisfaction rating included in the feedback.
screen_resolution FeedbackResolution [optional]
_siteimprove Siteimprove [optional]


require 'siteimprove_api_client'

instance =
  id: null,
  title: null,
  url: null,
  browser_name: null,
  browser_version: null,
  comment: null,
  device_type: null,
  handled_by: null,
  handled_date: null,
  ignored_by: null,
  ignored_date: null,
  is_spam: null,
  note: null,
  page_id: null,
  received_date: null,
  satisfaction: null,
  screen_resolution: null,
  _siteimprove: null