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Application: transition

Managing redirects for sites moving to GOV.UK.

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Rails app for managing the transition of websites to GOV.UK. Specifically, it’s for the production of and handling of mappings for use with Bouncer.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails app, and should follow our Rails app conventions.

You can use the GOV.UK Docker environment to run the application and its tests with all the necessary dependencies. Follow the usage instructions to get started.

Use GOV.UK Docker to run any commands that follow.

Running the tests

bundle exec rake

Running the worker

bundle exec sidekiq -C config/sidekiq.yml

Style guide

Available at /style, the guide documents how transition is using bootstrap, where the app has diverged from default styles and any custom styles needed to fill in the gaps.

Adding data

You can add new URLs and update existing configurations for sites and organisations within the Transition app using the Transition config repo.

To import locally, clone the config repo into data/ and then run:

bundle exec rake import:all:orgs_sites_hosts

Example application URLs


MIT License