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Application: finder-frontend

Serves finder and search pages for GOV.UK

Example pages rendered by finder-frontend


Renders search on GOV.UK:

Live examples


  • Finder: Page containing a list of filterable documents and filters.
  • Facets: Metadata associated with documents. See app/models/*_facet.rb for examples.
  • Filters: Searchable/filterable metadata for example case_state={open|closed} for a CMA case.
  • Parser: Transforms API responses into model objects.

Technical documentation

This is a Ruby on Rails app, and should follow our Rails app conventions.

You can use the GOV.UK Docker environment or the local script to run the app. Read the guidance on local frontend development to find out more about each approach, before you get started.

If you are using GOV.UK Docker, remember to combine it with the commands that follow. See the GOV.UK Docker usage instructions for examples.

Running the test suite

# run all the tests
bundle exec rake

# run only feature tests
bundle exec cucumber

# run only JS tests
bundle exec rake jasmine:ci

Further documentation

See the docs/ directory for manuals and instructions.


MIT License