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Repository: govuk-infrastructure

Terraform turnup automation for the EKS Kubernetes clusters that host GOV.UK. See for application config.


What’s in this repo

The govuk-infrastructure repo contains:

  • terraform/: Terraform modules for turning up an Kubernetes cluster on EKS for GOV.UK.
  • images/: Container image definitions for utilities such as the toolbox image.
  • .github/: GitHub Actions and workflows used by other GOV.UK repos, for example release automation, test runners and security analysis tools.

What’s not in this repo

Helm charts for GOV.UK applications are in alphagov/govuk-helm-charts.

Base image definitions for GOV.UK Ruby apps are in alphagov/govuk-ruby-images.

Some AWS services for GOV.UK are still configured using the legacy alphagov/govuk-aws (public) and alphagov/govuk-aws-data (private) repos.


To install the currently-used version of Terraform:

brew install tfenv
cd terraform/
tfenv install

Pre-commit hooks

We have some recommended pre-commit hooks. You need to install pre-commit for these to run.


See the docs/ directory.

There are also docs in terraform/docs/ and inline READMEs in some directories.


GOV.UK Platform Engineering team looks after this repo. If you’re inside GDS, you can find us in #govuk-platform-engineering or view our kanban board.


MIT License