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Repository: govuk-infrastructure

Terraform turnup automation for the EKS Kubernetes clusters that host GOV.UK. See for application config.


What’s in this repo

The govuk-infrastructure repo contains Terraform modules for turning up an EKS Kubernetes cluster for GOV.UK.

What’s not in this repo

Helm charts for GOV.UK applications are in alphagov/govuk-helm-charts.

Base image definitions for GOV.UK Ruby apps are in alphagov/govuk-ruby-images.

Some AWS services for GOV.UK are still configured using the legacy alphagov/govuk-aws (public) and alphagov/govuk-aws-data (private) repos.


To install the currently-used version of Terraform:

brew install tfenv
cd terraform/
tfenv install

Working on this repo

We have some recommended pre-commit hooks. If you’re making changes to this repo, please install the pre-commit hooks on your machine.

See alphagov/gds-pre-commit for more recommendations on using pre-commit.


See the docs/ directory.

There are also docs in terraform/docs/ and inline READMEs in some directories.


GOV.UK Platform Engineering team looks after this repo. If you’re inside GDS, you can find us in #govuk-platform-engineering or view our kanban board.


MIT License