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Last updated: 15 May 2024

search-api: How Search Works

Search API provides a /search endpoint for users to of the API to search for documents.

You can also use /batch_search to send multiple queries.

Document retrieval

On receiving a request to /search (a search query), Search API will parse the query, construct an Elasticsearch query, and then retrieve documents from Elasticsearch.

Search API provides a simplified API so that other applications in the GOV.UK stack don't need to know how to construct Elasticsearch queries.


See the relevancy documentation to learn more about how Search API determines how relevant a document is to a query.

Evaluating search quality

To ensure Search API returns good quality results, we use a combination of offline and online metrics.

See the search quality metrics documentation to learn more about our metrics.

The ab_tests parameter can be used to distinguish between two versions of the search query.

Using search-performance-explorer, you can compare the results side by side.

The health check script can be used to evaluate Search API using a set of judgments about which documents are 'good' results for some sample queries.