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Application: search-api

Search API for GOV.UK

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Search API (née “rummager”) indexes content into Elasticsearch and serves the GOV.UK Search API.

GOV.UK applications use the API to search and filter GOV.UK content. For example, alphagov/finder-frontend uses the search API to render site search and finder pages (such as

Search API also provides a public API:

Screenshot of API Response

API documentation

If you would like to use the Search API, please see the Search API documentation.

You can also find some examples in the blog post: “Use the search API to get useful information about GOV.UK content”.

Technical documentation

Search API is a Sinatra application that interfaces with Elasticsearch.

You can use the GOV.UK Docker environment to run the application and its tests with all the necessary dependencies. Follow the usage instructions to get started.

Use GOV.UK Docker to run any commands that follow.

Running the test suite

bundle exec rake

Additional Docs


MIT License