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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 13 Aug 2019

whitehall: Finders

Retired finders

There used to be finders for announcements, publications and statistics in this application, however these have been replaced by new finders rendered by finder-frontend and published from search-api.

We redirect searches from the old finders to the new in order to maintain a reasonable experience for users. Because we need to translate some of the query parameters, we do it in the controllers:

There are still some remaining finder-like-things for translated content (example of statistics in Welsh). These use the Whitehall database and not Elasticsearch so they're different from the things that we've retired.

How to publish a finder in whitehall

Please consider publishing new finders from search-api. There are schema tests for both finders and email signup pages there.

Create a JSON file in lib/finders. You can base it on one of the existing files in that folder.

Double-check the filter format and document noun - the filter format is used for rummager to return the data, while the document noun is displayed to the user.

The default_documents_per_page key can be used to paginate very long finders (see whitehall/lib/finders/case_studies.json for an example).

Running the finders:publish rake task will publish your new finder to the publishing-api, and the route defined in the JSON will be taken over by finder-frontend.