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Last updated: 4 Dec 2017

whitehall: Link Checker API Integrations

Links on an edition are checked using the LinkChecker API. Links are checked when the Check Links button is clicked on the edition show page. This fires off a request to the Link Checker API using the /create_batch endpoint. Once this has checked all the links present in the edition it makes a callback with a batch_report that gets saved as a LinkCheckerApiReport.



The LinkCheckerApiReports are returned by the API contain a report of all the links present in an edition.

These are saved as LinkCheckerApiReportLinks. These contain information on the warnings or errors on the links, including a suggested_fix.

The LinkCheckerApiReport is displayed on the admin page with a list of the broken links found on the edition.


The CheckAllOrganisationsLinksWorker is a scheduled worker that runs nightly at 2 a.m. it queues up individual link checking tasks for each organisation using CheckOrganisationLinksWorker

CheckOrganisationLinksWorker uses the LinkCheckerApiService#check_links calls the create batch endpoint in the LinkCheckerApi. The callback and the subsequent link check report creation happen as per the on-demand check.