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Help with publishing content

When a department is publishing content that is high priority, it may be necessary to intervene to ensure it goes out as smoothly as possible.

If documents aren’t live after being published

If a publisher is complaining that a document isn’t live on GOV.UK after publishing it.

You might see this happening if the format is still showing as “Coming Soon” on some pages.

If the cache (our Varnish or Fastly CDN) needs clearing

You may need to do this if the content is not showing on the live site quick enough.

If emails haven’t been sent for a published document

If it looks as though emails haven’t been sent out for a publication, there should be an alert about unprocessed content changes and there is guidance on how to solve this.

If there are no alerts, it would suggest that the content change never made it to the Email Alert API. In which case, you should check that Email Alert Service is correctly consuming from RabbitMQ. If all looks fine, it may be necessary to manually create a ContentChange in Email Alert API.

We have an alert that checks that email alerts for Travel Advice and Medical Safety Alerts go out correctly. Although an alert won’t be triggered for other kinds of documents, the guidance will still apply.

If scheduled publications haven’t gone out

If a scheduled publication hasn’t gone out, you should start by following the instructions for if documents aren’t live after being published. If it looks as though the content was never published from Whitehall, there is a Rake task available which will publish overdue documents.

$ bundle exec rake publishing:overdue:publish

Run this job in production Jenkins ⚠️

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