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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 16 Aug 2016

specialist-publisher: # Phase 2 Migration

Phase 2 Migration

This directory contains notes for how Specialist Publisher has migrated to the new Publishing Platform. It is the first app to complete a "phase 2" migration, which means the Publishing API is used for managing its workflow as well as storing the application's content. Hopefully this will be useful to others who are looking to migrate.


  1. Setting the scene – some background information about this app and the rewrite
  2. Workflow of content – a diagram and explanation of the different workflows for content
  3. Update types - an overview of how update types and email notifications work
  4. Composed states – an explanation of how 'published with new draft' works
  5. Timestamps - an explanation of what each of the timestamps are and how they're used
  6. Republishing - there are two different types of republishing, explained here
  7. Roll-out process - how we've rolled out formats one at a time to manage risk
  8. Deployment guide - a detailed walkthrough for how to deploy a new format to production
  9. Automated tests - an explanation of how we've tested the app and a few gotchas
  10. Quality assurance - an overview of our QA process and why we've taken this approach