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Warning This document has not been updated for a while now. It may be out of date.
Last updated: 25 Aug 2016

specialist-publisher: # Deployment guide

Deployment guide

After following this process, a specified finder would be served from v2 specialist-publisher as opposed to v1.

These steps will need to be taken for each environment. The steps below demonstrate the process for the Integration environment using the raib finder.

Republish V1 documents

This will enqueue the documents via Sidekiq.

  • Set up sidekiq monitoring. Instructions can be found here

  • ssh into backend integration: ssh backend-1.integration

  • Once inside backend integration go to: cd /var/apps/specialist-publisher

  • Republish! sudo su deploy govuk_setenv specialist-publisher bundle exec ruby ./bin/republish_documents raib_report

(Please note - include bundle exec to ensure correct versions of dependencies are executed)

  • Wait for Sidekiq monitoring queue size to reach zero

  • Check that there is nothing in the sidekiq monitoring retry set

  • Check that there are no errors in errbit

  • Check that republished documents display a recent updated_at within the publishing-api

  • Work through the QA process which can be found here
Deploy the rebuild app
  • Go to the release app within the browser:
  • Select most recent release tag. Scroll down and you will see the 'Deploy to staging' and 'Deploy to Production' buttons. Use these to deploy.
Puppet configuration
  • If all QA has passed, on your local VM cd into govuk-puppet. Add the raib url (/raib-reports) into: modules/govuk/manifests/node/s_backend_lb.pp
modified_paths => {
  '/raib-reports' => {
    'app' => 'specialist-publisher-rebuild',

** Once puppet is deployed, the above step will make changes for all environments including production **

  • Push this branch to Github, merge and deploy puppet
Load Balancers
  • Run govuk_puppet --test on the load balancers:

Within ssh backend-lb-1.backend.integration run govuk_puppet --test


Within ssh backend-lb-2.backend.integration run govuk_puppet --test

  • Console output should display that there has been a location change for /raib-reports