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Last updated: 23 Sep 2022

govuk_publishing_components: Stripping Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

A module exists for stripping out PII from values. It can accept strings, query parameters, arrays or objects. If the value is an array or object, the child values are looped through and then treated as strings.

What is redacted

The values that are redacted by default are:

  • Email addresses - becomes [email]
  • Reset password tokens become reset_password_token=[reset_password_token]
  • Unlock tokens become unlock_token=[unlock_token]
  • State values become state=[state]

Additional values that can be redacted are:

  • Dates - 2022-02-22 becomes [date]
  • Postcodes - sw1a 1aa becomes [postcode]

These aren't enabled by default due to the higher likelihood of producing false positives.

Basic use

var PIIRemover = new GOVUK.PIIRemover()

var myInfo = 'this is address, this is a 2019-01-21 date, this is a sw1a 1aa postcode,'

var example1 = PIIRemover.stripPII(myInfo)
// this is [email] address, this is a 2019-01-21 date, this is a sw1a 1aa postcode 

var example2 = PIIRemover.stripPIIWithOverride(myInfo, true, false)
// this is [email] address, this is a [date] date, this is a sw1a 1aa postcode

var example3 = PIIRemover.stripPIIWithOverride(myInfo, true, true)
// this is [email] address, this is a [date] date, this is a [postcode] postcode

var myObject = {'email': '', 'other': 'value', 'piiSafe': new PIIRemover.PIISafe('')}

var example4 = PIIRemover.stripPII(myObject)
// {'email' : '[email]', 'other': 'value', 'piiSafe': ''}

var myArray = ['', 'hello world']
var example5 = PIIRemover.stripPII(myArray)
// ['[email]', 'hello world']

// Meta tag of <meta name="govuk:static-analytics:strip-query-string-parameters" content="strip-parameter-1,strip-parameter-2" />
var myQueryString = '/test?strip-parameter-1=secret&strip-parameter-2=more-secret'
var example6 = PIIRemover.stripPII(myQueryString)
// /test?strip-parameter-1=[strip-parameter-1]&strip-parameter-2=[strip-parameter-2]

Enabling additional redaction

To enable additional redaction you can add meta tags to your application via the Meta Tags publishing component.

For dates and postcodes:

<%= render "govuk_publishing_components/components/meta_tags", {
  content_item: null,
  local_assigns: {
    strip_dates_pii: true,
    strip_postcodes_pii: true
} %>

The shouldStripDates() and shouldStripPostcodes() functions in the JavaScript will then check if these values exist in order to strip dates and postcodes.

However, this will redact dates and postcodes from every call of the PIIRemover. In order to apply extra redaction to specific values, you can use the stripPIIWithOverride() function.

For query string parameters:

Query string parameters are redacted if there is presence of a meta[name="govuk:static-analytics:strip-query-string-parameters"] meta tag, with comma separated query string parameters keys in its content attribute. The usage of this query string PII removal in production is unknown at this time.

Add this meta tag with your query string parameter keys in the content section: <meta name="govuk:static-analytics:strip-query-string-parameters" content="query-string-key-1,query-string-key-2"

Using the stripPIIWithOverride() function

You can call this function to manually enable the date or postcode stripping on a specific value:

var enableDateStripping = true
var enablePostCodeStripping = true
var myRedactedValue = this.PIIRemover.stripPIIWithOverride(myValue, enableDateStripping, enablePostcodeStripping)

Preventing redaction from running on a value

There is a PIISafe class that you can wrap your objects or strings in.

var myValue = new this.PIIRemover.PIISafe(myValue)

If myValue is then passed through to a stripPII function, instead of having its PII redacted, its original value will be returned, bypassing any redaction.