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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

govuk_publishing_components: Google Analytics 4 form tracker

This script is intended for adding GA4 tracking to forms, specifically for smart answers and simple smart answers. The script is triggered on the 'submit' event of the form. It depends upon the main GA4 analytics code to function.

Basic use

  data-ga4-form='{ "event_name": "form_response", "type": "something", "section": "form title", "action": "Continue", "tool_name": "title" }'>
  <!-- form contents -->

The data attributes are used as follows:

  • type records the type of form e.g. smart answer or simple smart answer
  • section records the current question e.g. What are your favourite puddings?
  • action records the text of the form submission button e.g. Continue
  • tool_name records the overall name of the smart answer e.g. How do I eat more healthily?

The script will automatically collect the answer submitted in the text field. For questions where multiple answers are possible, these will be comma separated. Where the answer is a text input, the value given is replaced with [REDACTED], to avoid collecting personally identifiable information. If all inputs should not have their text redacted, add a data-ga4-form-include-text attribute to the form. If you only want a certain text input to be exempt from redaction, add a data-ga4-form-include-input attribute to that input element.

In the example above, the following would be pushed to the dataLayer. Note that the schema automatically populates empty values, and that attributes not in the schema are ignored.

  'event': 'event_data',
  'event_data': {
    'event_name': 'form_response',
    'type': 'smart answer',
    'tool_name': 'How do I eat more healthily?',
    'section': 'What are your favourite puddings?',
    'text': 'yoghurt,pie,trifle',
    'action': 'Continue'

When a form is submitted with an empty input value, the tracker will set the text value in the dataLayer to "No answer given". If you require empty input to be sent as undefined instead, add the data-ga4-form-no-answer-undefined attribute to the form.