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Last updated: 3 May 2024

govuk_publishing_components: Organisation logos


The Organisation logo component can be used to render organisation logos that use either the Government Identity System, such as HMRC, or have a brand exemption, such as HMPS.

This documentation provides details on how to update and add new logos that are part of the Government Identity System.

Image requirements

The image should be added to app/assets/images/govuk_publishing_components/crests. The image format required is a transparent PNG, with the whitespace trimmed, unless whitespace has been agreed with a designer.

Naming convention

  • $crest this is usually in the format "[department_abbreviation]_crest" all lowercase with underscores, for example hmrc_crest
  • _18px (deprecated) referred to the font-size used
  • _x2 (deprecated) was used to provide an @2x image for screens that supported it

Add the CSS required for new organisation logos

If you have added a new organisation logo, you will also need to add the required CSS to ensure it is requested on page load and renders correctly.

The first step is to add a new CSS class name in _organisation-logo.scss.

The class name should be in the format "gem-c-organisation-logo__crest--[LOWERCASE-ORGANISATION-ABBREVIATION]", for example gem-c-organisation-logo__crest--hmrc

The next step is to include the crest mixin to set the background image and styling for the new organisation logo, for example:

.gem-c-organisation-logo__crest--hmrc {
  @include crest("hmrc_crest");

The value passed to the crest mixin here follows the naming convention mentioned above.

Adjusting the logo height

You can also use the tall-crest mixin to increase the height of the logo. This can be used to help avoid the organisation logo appearing too narrow.

Example used on the MOD organisation logo:

.gem-c-organisation-logo__crest--mod {
  @include crest("mod_crest");
  @include tall-crest;

Ministry of Defence organisation logo preview -

Updating the Organisation logo component YML file

After adding a new logo to the organisation logo component, please add an example of this to the organisation logo component YML file.