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Last updated: 27 Mar 2024

govuk_publishing_components: Google Analytics 4 copy tracker

This script creates an event when text is copied from a GOV.UK page. When initialised, it adds an event listener to the page for the copy event. An event will be fired if the following are true:

  • some text has been selected
  • the selected text is not inside an INPUT or TEXTAREA

The second check is based around concerns over PII. Text copied from the body of a GOV.UK page should not include PII, but text inside a text input is written by users, and therefore could contain PII. Note that if text is selected spanning multiple elements including a text input, the browser automatically does not include the text from inputs.

When a 'valid' copy event occurs, the following is sent to the dataLayer.

  "event": "event_data",
  "event_data": {
    "event_name": "copy",
    "type": "copy",
    "action": "copy",
    "method": "browser copy",
    "text": "Some copied text",
    "length": 245

The text attribute contains the first 30 characters of the copied text, with PII removed.

The length attribute shows the original number of characters that were copied.