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Last updated: 28 Jan 2022

govuk_publishing_components: # Trigger Event

Trigger Event

The trigger event script provides a cross browser compatible way of triggering a JavaScript event on a DOM element, such as a click or submit.


Basic usage:

window.GOVUK.triggerEvent(element, eventType)

Where element must be a valid DOM node and eventType must be a valid event type e.g. 'click' or 'submit'.

With parameters:

var element = document.querySelector('.my-element')
window.GOVUK.triggerEvent(element, 'click', { detail: { test: true } })

With a keyCode:

window.GOVUK.triggerEvent(element, 'keyup', { keyCode: 13 })

Prevent the event from bubbling up the DOM:

window.GOVUK.triggerEvent(element, 'click', { bubbles: false })

Prevent the event from being cancelled:

window.GOVUK.triggerEvent(element, 'keypress', { cancelable: false })